Saturday, April 28, 2007

Some things never change

I'm struggling a bit right now with my latest novel. Part of my trouble is research related. I haven't been able to compile some of the knowledge I need to really build one particular male character. And part of my trouble is that one of my POV characters is a 16 year old girl. I feel like the story needs her input on a personal level, but writing from this POV has me scared. I have about as much in common with a sixteen year old girl as a grizzly bear does with parakeet.

Generally, I have an easier time writing female characters than male but up until now they have always been adult females. I'm not real sure why this particular girl scares me so. maybe my trepidations stems back to my own adolescence when nothing could strike fear into me like a teenage girl. Now don't get me wrong, back then that fear was mixed in with a healthy dose of puberty driven lust and a sense of wonderment, but they scared me just the same. Well the girls as well as their fathers.

I certainly don't profess to know all the inner working of any female mind, but I still feel comfortable writing from the point of view of an adult woman. I have recruited a few different girls in the age group and with permission from their parents I am going to start asking them questions to try and get a better sense of what their world is like, but to be honest even that scenario has be a bit antsy. I guess there are some fears that you never get over. Give a turbulence filled airplane ride, a basket full of spiders and snakes, but whatever you do ... don't make me talk to a sixteen year old girl.

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Anonymous said...

Sixteen year old girls, eh?

Interesting way to write the story.

Especially knowing how it starts out. Can't wait to read it. Get over the fear, you will do great. You always do.
At least you aren't trying to write it from the pov of someone who hung themselves... LOL...