Thursday, June 21, 2007

Still too much of me.

Short blog today, but given my recent ramblings that is probably a good thing. Maybe it's the heat, or maybe I've finally fallen after skating along the edge of sanity for so long. I'm off to the doctor to follow up on my dreadful check-up six weeks ago.

Yes, this is the same evil fella who suggested I lose fifty-five pounds.

The same delusional man who insinuated that a diet of beef jerky, red meat, fried potatoes, and Shiner Bock is not good for you.

The same cruel individual who told me to lose fifteen pounds before today's appointment or he was going to send me to his big-knuckled friend for a prostate exam.

The not-so-subtle motivation aside, I have not lost the fifteen pounds. Maybe eight, nine if I'm lucky.

After visiting the doc me and the family are heading off to the pool for a day of rest, relaxation and a cool, cool dip.


David said...

Big-knuckled friend! Ow, ow, ow!

Terrie Farley Moran said...


I am much older than you are and have been dealing with doctors and their threats (fortunately, I don't have a prostate ;) ) about weight for a long, long time.

No matter what the evil one says, I say "Congratulations on the eight pounds, keep up the good work and have a great time at the pool."


Jenn said...

Hello Travis...I have to tag you because your the only other blogger I know to tag. Jenster tagged me for a meme. You have to tell 8 habits or facts about yourself. If you don't I might do it for you. I know a few. Just kidding.

MommaMonkey said...

Oh, good luck with that. I know men and Dr.'s just don't get along. But I think Dr.'s know that, that's why they threaten.
Hopefully he tells you that you are superman today.

Enjoy the pool!

Monnik said...

So how'd the appt go?

Beth said...

Losing eight pounds is pretty good, I think! I would be proud of that!