Monday, September 3, 2007

Holiday? ... I Don't See No Stinkin' Holiday.

Labor Day has been canceled here in these parts. I have to work. My two boys have to go to school. My wife has to teach. Nope there is nary a hint of rest or relaxation around here ... but at least I'm get double time for today. Finally what I'm worth.

What else is going on? I've got one hell of a crick on my neck. From sleeping on my side as the chiropractor suggested I might add. Now I can not hold me head up straight. I look like a doofus with my head cocked to the right or as my wife said this morning, "You look like a confused dog with her head tilted that way."

Ahhhh ... the words of love.

The ol' Erwin clan is heading out to my friend Steve's place tonight for a cookout to officially pull the plug on summer. He sometimes comments on this blog as not so stone cold. Yes, his name is Steve Austin. He is a great guy, always willing to help out a friend in need and he's also one of the few postal workers I now know who truly earns his paycheck. He is toying around with a picture blog, so stop in and say hi, but I'll warn you he's already heard every Million Dollar Man and Stone Cold joke there is.

Far as I'm concerned summer has been on life support since school started so it is time to say our goodbyes and get ready for fall. I like fall and here is laundry list why ...

Crisp cool air, Football, beautiful foliage, hunting season, lower electrical bills, the start of hockey season, no more mowing-flies-mosquitoes, and the excitement of my boys as their birthdays approach.

So what is your favorite season and why? And if I am going to ask a cheesy question like that to pander for your comments, I might as well ask another. As I said my wife said I resembled a curious dog this morning but now I'm wondering what kind of dog I'd be. A mutt, because I'm a long way form show quality? A Saint Bernard, because I'm big? If so I will tote rum in that barrel around my neck instead of the traditional whiskey.
So you the readers of this blog tell me, if like Sirius Black I could morph into a canine what kind would I be? Let's see just how creative and funny you guys are.


Skiingred said...

Favorite Seasoning: Rosemary - well, I guess that's more of an herb, but I find it adds a nice zing to pork chops. Oh wait - you said season... I like winter -- I'm a night owl and it's dark a lot in winter. Plus the snow - love it! I like to stay inside and cuddle up with a good book.

Hmm... dogs? I don't know what I'd be...maybe a basset hound, they seem kinda lazy like me. :)

Stephen Parrish said...

A cross between a Lhasa Apso and an Airedale.

No, I can't visualize it either.

Fall is my favorite season too, because of the temperature, the color, and the closure.

cher said...

my favorite season is the one that we are never in. i'm pretty much never happy, no matter what time of year it is.

i'm going to go with pitbull because of all the killin'.

can't wait for my CD!

I checked out your friends blog. (out of fear of the cher jokes, i left it alone.) i love blgos like that. oh, and nice picture placement on your part lately too...even with your lame internet server.

JasonScottAdams said...

Spring is my favorite time. Rebirth. Warm air. Not hot.

And when I think of Travis and dogs, I remember his little black, hairy chow dog he had when we were kids. The funniest, but not funny at the time was when we caught a turtle at a local pond and brought it back to Travis' house and set it free in the back yard. The poor dog found out that some turtles SNAP. And subsquently the poor, poor dog got the turtly attached to his tongue with a DEATH GRIP. He was swingin' his head to and fro and the turtle was flying around, the dog was yelping, Travis and I were running around crazy trying to figure out how to get the turtle off....utter chaos.

The dog lived. His tongue was okay.

"That's all I have to say about that." - Gump

JasonScottAdams said...

And I can't seem to type or spell today.

angel, jr. said...

I like autum, because of the in between temperatures. Not too hot and not too cold. In between.

I'm going to have to go with Pembrook Welsh Corgi. I think because my family had one for a long time and we loved the pup!!

Phats said...

Hey travis
The Huskers must have looked really good Saturday.

I can't believe none of you get labor day off? I am a teacher and we get it off thank god I needed it! ha. Almost everyone around here does.

Favorite season Summer- I love the heat, love the time off, love playing tennis
Dog- I would say for you a st bernard. they are those big cuddly dogs that have a bourbon barrel so they know how to party.

Anonymous said...

Hey Babe,

As for seasons, I have to say that the fall is by far my favorite time of year. I wish it could be fall for two seasons and spring for the other two... When I win the lottery I am going to share it with mother nature so she will change the weather to my liking.


And I have to agree with Phats, and only because he beat me to it, I think you would make a great St. Bernard. But I believe that the little barrel would have to be filled daily or at least hourly with Shiner Bock as opposed to gin, bourbon or rum.

Actually, maybe a cross between a St. Bernard and a Husky..

Hmm, will have to dream up some more ideas.

Hope your neck gets to feeling better.



Angie said...

I like mid-fall and mid-spring about equally. I have a very narrow comfort range when it comes to temperature -- about three degrees wide. :P I don't mind some rain so long as it's not too cold.

I don't know you well enough yet to pick a dog, but mutts are cool; you can have the best of several different worlds. Our Obie [points to icon] was half black lab and half husky and he was the coolest dog I've ever known.

And BTW, it's definitely still summer. :P It was 103 here today -- 93 up in the computer room and 88 downstairs right next to the air conditioner unit, right before we bailed and went to movie theater with full and effective AC. Stardust is a fun movie but I think we'd have had a fine time even if it hadn't been, just for the coolth. :)


Angel said...

I can't get past the fact that you had to work, your kids had school, and your wife had to teach....WTH??? It's LABOR DAY people....that means no labor.!!

Let's see...favorite season..summer. Easy. But really, I love living in Ohio cuz I get all 4 seasons, and just when the new season rolls around, I'm tired of the old one and ready for the new one, so every season is a favorite. No, I just lied. I hate winter.

A dog...ya, I see you as a St. Bernard. I had one as a child..his name was Sebastian, and he was a very good dog.

I'd want to be a Lab, like my dogs. They have the life...good food, good garbage in the can, and good kids to love all over.

Bubblewench said...

You'd be one of those HUGE Mastif types. St. Bernard is just too small to hold 'all that is Travis'.

Fall. Definately Fall. I hate summer and could care less for spring cause all it does is tell me summer is coming.

Katrina said...

Let's see...grew up in snowy country and hate that. Lived in Phoenix 18 years and loved it until the last couple years. Living in the Texas panhandle I love the spring rains & fall rains. So not sure..I guess I love every season if we could leave out the extremes!

Travis as a dog? I don't think so. A cat? Definitely not! A horse, donkey or mule--Naw! Monkey with a sense of humor.....hmm possibly.

Chunks said...

I'm a fall person myself. I love the colours and the smell. Yes, fall has a smell. It smells like cool and damp and crisp and smokey. Love it!!

I'd say a Newfoundland Dog. They like to fish and are big and friendly.

Dawn said...

I see you as a Beardie. In NZ, we have a famous chidren's writer who writes books about a dog character called Hairie McClarie. If you think a Beardie is too big for you, then you could be Hairie McClarie!

WordVixen said...

A Cocker Spaniel. Aside from the fun with the name, Cockers are cute, not very bright, and very loyal. :) Oooh, that was mean.

Also- Autumn is my favorite time of year. Prepping for Christmas is much more fun than actual Christmas which involves family, cleaning up (after all the prezzies and putting away the decorations), and a return to work. Plus, you get off Thanksgiving- and my birthday is always within days of Thanksgiving (yay! Prezzies!), the weather is my ideal, pretty leaves on trees, pumpkin spice coffees, and no one looks at you funny when you pig out on sweets. (what? It's Thanksgiving. What? It won't last till Christmas)