Friday, November 2, 2007

Your Homework

Barring some unforeseen situation this will be my last blog post for a week. But I can't just have you guys out there languishing in the blogosphere with nothing to do. So I have made you a list of chores to complete before my triumphant return from Las Vegas. I'll tell you all about the fortunes I'm sure to win at the Texas Hold 'Em tables next Saturday, but for now here is your daily directives.

Saturday November 3, 2007 - Pop on over to my latest post at Awesome Amalgamation. The title of the post is Guess Its Better Than Polka Dotted Penis. As many of y'all know my favorite food related phrase is, Lettuce is the Devil. Well, I just may have found a something even worse to eat. Go check it out.

Sunday November 4, 2007 - Once upon a time I posted a new edition of THE FEEDSTORE CHRONICLES every Sunday. I have not done so in a while, but very soon a very special chronicles is headed your way so if you missed any or all of them catch up now by clicking here.

And even if you have read them all, go back and reread Chronicle #4 before you scroll down to look at the following pictures. Looking back I realize not a single person commented on that particular post, so that must mean most of you never read it. So do it now by clicking the above link. Otherwise the following pictures I snapped while on the highway the other day will not mean anything to you.

If you squint real hard you can make out the crap covered cluckers in that second pic. Trust me, they are nasty and seeing this truck made me really grateful for the job I know have.

Monday November 5, 2007 - This is the day I will listen to former President Bill Clinton deliver a speech to the assembly of American Postal Worker Union members. Keeping with that theme here is a link to some funny quotes by and about Clinton. Also blog regular and fellow fiction writer, Alex Keto used to be a white house correspondent during the Clinton years so this would be a good time to pop on over to his blog and read a bit of his wit.

Tuesday November 6, 2007 - This will be my second full day in Vegas, which will most likely mean that my liver will be screaming from the plethora of free booze and my wallet will be considerably lighter. While I am going through poker chips playing Texas Hold 'Em you should take a gander at some of my fellow Texan's blogs. Katrina, Reid, Britta, Patti, Penelope, and Pretzel. Hope, I didn't miss any of my regulars readers who are from Texas.

Wednesday November 7, 2007 - The last card in a hand of Texas Hold 'em is called the river card. This one last card often either makes, or breaks your hand. There are many euphemisms that go along with this but if you get beat it is often said, "That you have drowned in the river."

On this date in 1901 a 63 year old female school teacher was the first person to ever go over Niagara Falls and survive. Legend says that when Annie Edson Taylor went over the falls, a kitten rode in the barrel with her. After making her successful plunge, she posed next to the barrel, with the kitten sitting on top of it. Here is hoping I am still surviving the river card by this point. You know what else is in New York besides Niagara Falls? Terrie and most of the gals over at The Women of Mystery blog. This would also be a good time to pop on over to Amazon and buy Murder New York Style which contains stories from both Terrie and Nan.

Thursday November 8 2007 - I'll be tired, sore, and limping like a three-legged goat by now, but hopefully I'll still have a bit of cash in my pocket, because I'd really like to see Howie Mandel who opens in Vegas this night. But if I run out of cash I'm sure I can call up my good friend Debbie who will wire me some more. That is if she isn't too busy blogging over at Criminal Brief or out signing copies of Carols and Crimes, Gifts and Grifters.

Or if things go really bad and I get tossed into jail, I'm sure Cicily, AKA Bluefingers will send me bail money. If she's not laid up in the hospital, or rewriting her novel for the umpteenth time.

Friday November 9 2007 - I'll be homeward bound, so here are a few blogs from friends right here in Amarillo. My buddy Steve, the talented author Jennifer Archer, the very ambitious Dee Burks, and last but not least Jayme who writes some really great blog posts, just not nearly often enough.

See y'all next Saturday, but don't let my absence stop you from commenting. You never know when I might pop in to read your take on these things. And if you are really ambitious and make it through this list there is always my short story over Underground Voices.


Terrie Farley Moran said...


Pardon me if I skip right to Wednesday and say thank you so much for your constant support of the women of mystery blog and of Murder New York Style. You are a true pal!

And that's not the only reason I like you. You are the only person besides my wonderful daughter-in-law who I ever heard mention Annie Taylor much less knows who she is and what she did!

Have the best time and I hope you win a ton of money!!


Adriann said...

Have fun in sin city! Your chicken story is hilarious. Yikes!!! Enjoy and hopefully you won't be so tired as to limp like a three legged goat. LOL!

BTW- never heard a limp phrased like that before. I might have to start using it.

Reid said...

Thanks for the plug, Trav, and have fun out there. Take care, and have mercy on me in our Fantasy Football League, amigo. I'm a hurtin'.

Anonymous said...

As one of the contributers, I'd like to thank you for your kind mention of Murder New York Style.Terrie pointed me in this direction, and I'm delighted to find your blog. I'll be back!
Anita Page

Charles Gramlich said...

You know, Travis, that I'm a teacher. I assign my students homework fairly often. How often do you think they do it? Have fun in Vegas.

Tena Russ said...

Travis, it's a pity but your absence from my blog will be eliminate you from the red-hot NaComOnTeBloMo competition.

Have fun!

The Egg said...

Hey that's a lot of homework:-) Oh you're a Texan eh? How long have you lived there? I grew up in Lubbock--it was a blast. I was 7 when we arrived fresh from India, so everything was new and exciting. I liked the tornado warnings on tv. And the food! Be careful with your cash in Vegas.

Patti said... am i jealous....

Penelope said...

Thanks for the shout out.

Have a good time playing Texas Hold 'Em.


Rocketstar said...

I'm jealous, have fun in Vegas man. Good luck at the tables. You'll have to let us know how it went.

Tee/Tracy said...

Homework? ... hmph!

Have a good trip!

Anonymous said...

Sure, I'll bail you out. But only if you promise to catch me on my way down to the ground after a night of drinking.


Brooke said...

Have fun in Vegas, I got my package today, I get to tear into it when I get home :)

cher said...

good morning mr. erwin.... sorry, school flashbacks. i didn't do homework in school, and i'm not too happy about doing it on your blog. so it is with great resistence that i listen and do what i'm told.

Mr. Shife said...

Thanks for the homework. Hope you have a wonderful and successful trip. Safe travels.

Holly Kennedy said...

Homework? Sadly, it'll have to take a back seat to everything and everyone else on my master list, which grows longer with each editorial deadline!
Have a good trip.

cher said...

Phats said...

I haven't been doing my homework am I going to fail?

How's Vegas winning big?

alternatefish said...

y'know, I get enough damn assignments from my professors...

yours are more interesting though, so there's actually a chance of results here.

have fun in vegas, say hi to Bill for me.