Friday, September 26, 2008

While I'm Away

I'm trying to get back in the groove of my fiction writing so that means y'all get a generic fill in the blank meme post today. I found this one over at Mom-in-Scrubs blog.

A:Accent: Come admit it. Y'all would be disappointed if I didn't have a decidedly Texas twang and who m I to disappoint.

B:Breakfast or no Breakfast: Breakfast is best served at 2 AM as a dessert to a night of rum guzzling.

C:Chore I hate: Every last one of them. By nature I'm a lazy person in all aspects except writing, fishing, and hunting.

D:Dog or Cat: Two dogs. Well one dog and one rodent. The chih-weenie dog is worthless, but my Chesapeake Bay Retriever is at least bigger than my shoe.

E:Essential Electronics: Laptop. Otherwise I'd be silenced.

F:Favorite Perfume: Yeah, I'll get back to you on this one. When I buy my wife perfume I have to go to the counter and do a bloodhound impersonation because I can't remember the names of that stuff.

G:Gold or Silver: I wear neither and if I'm buying for my wife I go for silver because I'm basically a tight wad.

H:Handbag I carry most often: Can we change that to handgun?

I:Insomnia: When the writing is going well I sleep poorly because I can't get the characters to shut-up and go to sleep when I need them to.

J:Job Title: The Post Office has more acronyms than idiotic supervisors. My title is MMPE which stands for Mechanic of Mail Processing Equipment or some other such crap. I work on the automate machines that sort your mail.

K:Kids: Two boys T age 7 an Z 5. They actually have unique (or weird if you prefer) names but we'll just use their initials here.

L:Living Arrangement: Ramshackle house in the sticks but someday soon we're going to build our very own hillbilly mansion.

M:Most admirable trait: I'm a pretty good diplomat until I'm good and pissed then I'll simply tell you to go to hell.

N:Naughtiest childhood behavior: Me and this guy once went through a phase of stealing hood ornaments.

O:Overnight Hospital Stays: Ablation for my heart and ankle surgery from a hockey incident.

P:Phobias: Talking heads of lettuce, especially if they are saying, "Eat me."

Q:Quote: "A man's got to take a lot of punishment to write a really funny book." ~ Ernest Hemingway.Ernest Hemingway

R:Reason to smile: Why not?

S:Siblings: One brother. Six years older.

T:Time I wake up: Too damn early. Six-ish because my wife has a very loud hair dryer.

U:Unusual Talent or skill: I got mad skillz. I'm just trying to figure out what they are.

V:Vegetable I refuse to eat: ALL OF THEM!

W:Worst Habit: Procrastination

X:X-rays: My ankle when I snapped both bones in the above mentioned hockey incident.

Y:Yummy Stuff: Meat. Fresh caught walleye, marinated elk tenderloin, grilled shrimp, steak, teriyaki chicken.

Z:Zoo animal I like the most: Bears are cool, otter an seals are fun, once some some Orangutan love at Cheyenne Mountain zoo is Colorado Springs an that was educational.

Play along if you wish or tell me which of these we agree on or which make me seem crazier than a vegetarian butcher.


J. L. Krueger said...

I'll play along for a few.

D:Dogs: No rodents, how did that happen to you? One wimpy but loveable Chow/Border Collie (a definite woman's dog). One Walker Foxhound, utterly fearless...which sometimes can be trouble.

H:Handbag? I'm with you...handgun preferred. Mine is an M1911A1, old, but tight and deadly accurate.

P:Phobias: Dentists and Butt Light Doctors.

T:Time I get up: Sixish you say? Hell, you get to sleep in buddy! I get up at 4:30 at home or here in Afghanistan...and then I complain about it all day.

W:Worst Habit: I'm a pretty bad procrastinator too.

X: X-Rays: So many that I glow in the dark.

Y: Yummy Stuff: Meat! Totally concur. I'll go so far as to say I'd rather have another piece of steak for desert.

Z: Zoo Animal: Wolves and tigers, though I prefer seeing wolves in the wild. Tigers I'd be more cautious about meeting in the wild.

Anonymous said...

ohh I will play too:

Accent: yes Texan

Breakfast: no

Chore I hate: dishes

Dog or Cat: dogs

Essential electronic: nope

Perfume: Escada

Gold/silver: silver

handbag: black coach

Insomnia: only when giant spiders roam my house

Job tital: catholic school teacher

Kids: 3: (Travis 36) (T 7) (Z 5)

Living arrangement: boonies

Admirable trait: all of them

Naughty childhood behavior: bully

over night Hospital stays: 2 kids

Phobias: spiders the size of mice in my house

Quote: "A true friend is someone who knows your a good egg even if your a little cracked"

Reason to smile: everything

Siblings: 1 sister

Unusual talent: drinking

Veg: I love veggies

Worst habit: short fuse

X-rays: broke my foot

Yummy stuff: beer

Favorite zoo animal: Tigers

Barbara Martin said...

A. Accent: close to pacific northwest because I don't enunciate like an easterner.

B. Breakfast. Granola with cottage cheese or scrambled eggs with dry toast if I have more time.

C. Housekeeping: dishes and garbage.

D. Prefer dogs over cats (allergic to latter), but have 5 lovebirds and 2 senegals (parrots0. Don't knock the dachshund Travis, they're bred to kill badgers. They think on a different level than a retriever.

E. Essential electronic; I agree, a laptop.

F. Perfume: Yves St. Laurent - Opium.

G. Silver has healing properties.

H. oversized wallet with a shoulder strap.

J. for now, a layabout, after being shown the door after injuring my back on the job. This should end soon, though.

L. Apartment complex with its very own stinky ghost.

M. Most admirable tract: tact and patience.

N. Naughtiest childhood behaviour: hmmm, must be the time when I was 12 where 4 neighbourhood kids helped me push my next door neighbour's car (gear shift left in neutral) down to the end of the block. From watching TV we remembered to wipe our prints off. It must have been embarrassing for the next door neighbour, because she worked for the same police department as the ones who took the stolen car report.

O. Overnight hospital stays: too many to count in childhood, though of late not very often.

P. Phobia: dentists' drills. Are they really certain the drill will stop spinning when it touches flesh?

Q; Quote: "Don't stop to ask whether the animal or plant you meet deserves your sympathy, or how much it feels, or even whether it can feel at all: respect it and consider all life sacred." -Albert Schweitzer [1875-1965]

R: Reason to Smile: Never need a reason, just do.

S: Siblings: Three brothers: 11, 8 and 6 years older.

T: Time I Wake Up; lately, late; although on a 9-5 job usually six-ish.

U: attention to detail.

V: veggie is sweet potatoe (yam).

W: procrastination.

X - x-rays: numerous over the years.

y: yummy stuff: roast beef with dumplings, pumpking pie and recently, suishi.

Z: Zoo animal: tigers and giraffes.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Can't compete with these fine additions. Hope you have fun while away.

G. B. Miller said...

A: Alligators all around.

B: Breakfast, yes.

C: Chores I hate: dishes.

D: Cat. Got one who loves me to pieces, called "Spike".

E: Essential Electonics: phone and laptop.

F: Favorite Perfume: Are you kidding me? I get smothered daily at work.

G: Gold or Silver: Hi-ho Silver!

H: Handbag? Can't find any that fits.

I: Insomnia, sometimes when I get stressed over things not going well.

J: Job Title: Payroll Clerk and I speak a second language called "State Worker English". Makes your employer look sad by comparison. :]

K: Kids? yes, one of each. Teenager and non-teenager.

L: Living arrangement: House.

M: Most admirable trait: pathologically loyal.

N: Naughtiest childhood behavior? Playing doctor with Alannah.

O: Overnight Hospital Stay: last time was 23 years ago for diabetes.

P: Phobias? Dealing with the general public.

Q: quote: "I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque." Bugs Bunny.

R: Reason to smile? Yup.

S: Siblings? yes, one younger by 4 years.

T: Time I wake up: 4 and 5:30 M-F, 6 S-S.

U: Unsual talent or skill: Photographic memory.

V: Vegatable I refuse to eat: most of the green ones.

W: Worst habit: Punctuality.

X: X-rays: last year for a strained rotator.

Y: Yummy Stuff: Meat. Poultry. Fish.

Z: Zoo animal I like the most: Tigers.

Mary Witzl said...

I've got that problem with insomnia too, and most of the time it's my characters who are to blame. You are right: they won't shut up, and I've given up trying to make them stop. Wish they'd start making better sense, though, or tell me how to tell their stories better.

Mom In Scrubs said...

Hey, I've had an ablation too!

I work in EP labs; that's all I do all day every's weird being the one on the table I must say!

Joshua said...

very cool, gonna give that try :)

Janet said...

I:Insomnia: When the writing is going well I sleep poorly because I can't get the characters to shut-up and go to sleep when I need them to.

Now this made me laugh. Especially because I got to sleep around 3 in the morning, with characters and plots buzzing around my head.

Patti said...

i'll play, but will post on my site and then give you a head's up. are you a'quiver with anticipation?! yeah, me neither...

Patti said...

mine is posted...

alex keto said...

I'll just note for the record that Ernest Hemmingway never wrote anything remotely funny. Good writer and all that, but he wasn't funny. Except when he took himself seriously.

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

Travis - I was not surprised by your list at all! I laughed, but not surprised. I guess we are getting to know you real well from your blog posts!

Barrie said...

Travis, I can't stop laughing! And how fun to get to know your wife a little. When I picture her, I see an angel.

Anonymous said...

I'm too brain dead to play along, but I have to say this: No vegetables? Do you not eat onion rings?

Anonymous said...

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