Sunday, July 5, 2009

Viva La Amigos!

It feels somewhat strange not to be worrying about a My Town Monday post this Sunday. In case you missed the news, I have handed over the reins to the My Town Monday wagon to the ever-so-talented Clair Dickson. Clair has already improved the weekly meme and made it better by creating a blog devoted solely to it, aptly named My Town Monday.

The site looks great, so be sure to add it to your Google Reader or become a follower so you can keep up with all the great posts.

Speaking of great blogs, my friend Jennifer Archer has started a new one along with a friend. It is quite hilarious and if you doubt that just get a load of the blog's url and title.

The url?

And the blog title? Writing Without Periods

To steal the catchphrase of my fellow Husker fan and Good Ol' Boy Larry the Cable Guy ... that's funny, I don't care who you are.

Speaking of funny here's a random thought that hit me this weekend. Maybe Melanie Avila can explain this one. Why is any time you visit Mexico people tell you, Don't drink the water? And sure enough most of us do not. Why take the risk?

Yet, these same people will pay premium import prices to consume Mexican beers like Corona
and Dos Equis?

Does Mexico import the water they use for these beers? Does the alcohol simply kill off the dysentery causing microbes? Or maybe it's the little slice of lime everyone crams into those beers? Either way I'm not a fan of either beer. Give a good dark Shiner over either one. If a beer needs fruit, green fruit at that, to be good than I want no part of it.

But I could use some Mexican water right now to get me back on track. You see, it took me 10 weeks to drop 24 pounds. In the 4 days since my weigh-in I've gained five of that back. Oh well, I have had a good bit of fun these past four days.

Nevertheless, I'm going to be a good boy for a bit and try to get back down, but I fear without the threat of Barry Manilow to motivate me, I am doomed.

And like I said, don't forget to check out the brand new My Town Monday website.


Melanie Hooyenga said...

LOL! The lime kills the germs, so if you drink a Mexican beer without it, you're risking your life.

No, seriously. They use purified water for any cooking or drinking here, so I'm guessing the beer factories also have water purification systems at the plants. Limes are used to kill whatever bacteria are on the outside of the bottle. I don't know how much it actually works, but that's the tradition. A lot of places also serve bottles with a napkin tucked in the opening so you can clean it yourself.

Finally, they aren't joking about not drinking the water. I use unclean water to brush my teeth (I swish with purified at the end) and I wash most food with tap water. Every now and then I slip up and swallow a teeny bit and man, you can tell. Instant diet. :P

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the letter ñ.

Hit 40 said...

Your a trooper just typing the words menopause and period!!!! Way to woman up!!!!

Cloudia said...

Impressive weight loss, Travis!
Fun post today...mow I'm ff to meet your highlighted blogee pals....And have a Dos, LOL

Comfort Spiral

Jennifer Archer said...

Thanks for the link to my new blog Writing Without Periods, Travis. You are a secure man, indeed!


anon said...

Sounds like a really fun blog, I'll check it out.
Meanwhile Sir, step away from the carbs! Barry Manifold is singing 'I wanna be your Carbeurator Intake" just for you, and he know where you blog.

Is that threat enough?

Lyzzydee said...

Why oh why is it so easy to put the weight on and so bloody hard to lose it????

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Thanks, Travis, for a very entertaining post with very entertaining links.


WordVixen said...

Omigosh, I watched the 4th celebration on PBS (the Washington DC thing), and Barry Manilow was on it. Here's the funny part. I thought it was ROD STEWART. It took me 2 or 3 songs worth to realize that Rod Stewart was not covering Copa Cabana. Who knew they used the same stylist?

Charles Gramlich said...

Well, we've found something to disagree on. I like the taste of Shiner's but it doesn't like me. It does nasty things to my innards. Dos Equis, on the other hand, is quite smooth. I do much prefer the original Dos Equis over what is sold under that name now, though.

Vodka Mom said...

i am trying DESPERATELY to lose weight.

now pass the Corona.

Vodka Mom said...

24 pounds??????????

I would fall to the ground and THANK THE LORD if I lost 24.


Lauren said...

Not just Mexican beer requires purification. I've been recently getting into brewing my own beer and everything you read about it says "90% of getting your beer to turn out requires no unwanted bacteria." This requires very pure/filtered/distilled water and sterilized materials.

I know, I went and got all serious on a joke, it's just my new "thing" :) Sorry :)

That new blog sounds interesting. Going to check it out now...

Melissa Amateis said...

24 pounds in 10 weeks is darn good.

And give me a good ol' Bud Light any day over a Corona.

your other wife said...

The whole weight thing is mind over matter.I don;t know whqat that means but it just came out. don;t go over board and the weght will stay off. The weekends are the hardest.