Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Literary Agent Appreciation Story #4

Here's another great story that highlights the fact that Literary Agents are often much more than business associates. This one comes from Jackie Brown.

The wonderful agent with whom I entrust my writing career is an outstanding businesswoman; her eponymous agency is world renown for representing certain niche markets, as well as for general representation. Working on a nightmare-of-a-screenplay-project/rights acquisition deal on my behalf, she paid out of pocket for services and disbursements for over two years, never hesitating, never backing down. That long ago deal fell through, through no fault of her own, but she and her associate have never given up on me; their encouragement and faith in my talent is one of the major enhancements of my life.

I am currently working through a biologically-based mental "dis-ease," and during an episode last year I contacted her with several book proposals. She set up a meeting during which she sensed something was amiss about me. When I confided in her and her associate, they listened patiently, pushing aside our business at hand and focusing instead on my well-being. I had been having difficulty finding a specific practitioner; fortunately for me, they have an out of town client in the field, whom they contacted for a local referral. Two days later I consulted with my new doctor who met all my requirements, thanks to the two agents’ thoughtfulness, compassion, and care.

I’ll never have an agent horror story to relate because, for my part, I hope to maintain this relationship for life.

Jackie Brown


Tana said...

It sounds like you really do have a special relationship. Sounds like a great agent. Thank you for sharing.

Cloudia said...


Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Pearl said...

Hey - I need someone like that!!


AM said...


I hope that you have fully recovered and all of your dreams come true - for you and your agent.

This type of story renews my faith in all people.

Thanks for sharing.