Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Feedstore Chronicles

Longtime readers are fully aware that I have been writing a coming-of-age memoir based on my days working at a Texas Feedstore. My boss at the feedstore was the most morally bankrupt man I had ever met and still hold that title some twenty years later. That is not to say I didn't like him. I have mostly fond memories and owe him a debt for giving my first real taste of adventure in life. In the book I dub him Doyle and describe him as ...

In A Perfect World …
He was the kind of guy you dreaded seeing right up until you were with him. But then you found yourself having such a good time, you forgot your original trepidation. Or at least you did until all that fun caught up to you. 

The memoir begins with a story about bulldog masturbation and digresses from there. 

Here is a sample of that opening chapter. The last 6 pages to be exact. Yeah, it's long for a blog post, but I hope it holds your attention just the same. I'd love to hear what you think of ... The Feedstore Chronicles 
In A Perfect World …
Doyle had three women in his life. His first wife and the mother of his three boys, Pamela. His second wife, Laura, whom he was in the process of divorcing when I hired on. And last, but not least, Snuggles.
Snuggles was an English Bulldog. Her fur was brown and white, and she was one of the laziest, not to mention nastiest, canines to ever down a bowl of Kibble. Snuggles possessed runny, pus-filled eyes. A loud, raspy breathing pattern, somewhat like an asthmatic Darth Vader. And stubby, bowed legs that barely kept her flabby gut from dragging the ground. She also happened to be Doyle's most prized possession.
Ninety percent of the time, Snuggles curled up on her doggy bed behind the counter and refused to move. Too bad for me if I needed something from the cabinet her fat body was pressed against. Once or twice per day she would hoist her smelly carcass from the fleece pad, only to use my pant leg as a depository for her snot-crusted eyes. Nasty as that practice was, it beat her other habit all to hell.
Doyle lived for the times when Snuggles went into heat. Having read an ad in the Thrifty Nickel for English Bulldog pups fetching thirteen-hundred bucks a pop, mining Snuggles' ovaries became his life's mission.
I, however, dreaded the arrival of her cycle.
For this glorious week, Snuggles wasn't merely content to wipe her eye boogers on my jeans. No -- she also felt the animalistic calling to drag her butt across the store's concrete floor.
Guess who cleaned up the crimson snail trails.  
That's right. Me.
The only good thing about these visits from Mother Nature was the entertainment they provided at each failed attempt by Doyle to produce a litter of wrinkled dollar signs.
Doyle whored Snuggles out to every male bulldog within a three county area. Too greedy to share in the potential booty of a litter worth several grand, Doyle always opted to pay upfront stud fees rather than give up a higher share should she actually conceive. Without fail, the rendezvous led to the same result.
Snuggles would shack up with the chosen doggy Don Juan for three or four days. After each tryst she'd come back looking as happy and satisfied as a fat man leaving Golden Corral. Given the price of bulldog pups, Doyle projected Snuggles and her uterus to be good for an easy five grand a year. And by his calculations, she only needed to have two litters of two pups to accomplish that goal. But in the end, none of the arranged liaisons turned Doyle into the grandpa he so desperately wanted to be.
Along with the dog, Doyle was also raising three boys. Three mean little hoodlums that I wagered would make him a grandpa long before Snuggles ever did. Never mind the fact that Austin, the oldest, was only twelve. Their father's genes were too strong for them not to find trouble of some sort. And given Doyle's track record, at least some of that trouble was bound to be of the female variety.
To this day I still can't fathom exactly how Doyle sweet-talked so many women. Women you would never expect a man who lived in a double-wide on the outskirts of town to coerce into a sleepover.
Women like Dr. Croft.
When pimping out Snuggles failed to work, Doyle turned to artificial insemination. The procedure was pricey, but each time Snuggles came into heat, he'd reach for his credit card, load the pooch into his pickup, and head off to the vet's office.
This went on for better than a year, and I never suspected Snuggles wasn't the only one getting her jollies at the appointments.
Then came the day I was in the back, sacking up some hen scratch for Mrs. Esparza. Doyle had taught me how to up-sell so I was in the middle of trying to convince the woman that a bit of oyster shell and a bag of laying pellets would raise her egg production.
“As hens get older they really need the extra calcium they get from oyster shells.”
“No, no, no. No hay falta con mis gallinas.” Mrs. Esparza wagged a finger in my face.
She was a regular customer, so I knew once she began responding in Spanish, my chances to sell her anything extra were gone. Next she would pretend not to understand anything I said.
“Yo, Travis!” Doyle's voice came over the intercom, saving me from having to try.
“Yeah,” I yelled back.
“Hurry up and get Mrs. Esparza loaded. I have an important mission for you.”
I carried the hen scratch out, loaded it in Mrs. Esparza's Buick, and headed back inside to see what Doyle had in mind.
“John's bringing some papers by for me to sign, so I need you to take Snuggles in for her AI appointment.”
John was Doyle's lawyer. Between the divorces, the subpoena when Doyle's bookie got popped, and other brushes with the justice system, they had a close working relationship, so I didn't think anything of his explanation.
“Okay,” I said, “But I'm taking your truck. I don't want Snuggles wiping eye snot on my seats.” The pickup had been a recent gift from my grandfather, and despite the '76 Ford's battered appearance and age, I was still quite proud of the vehicle.
Grabbing the keys for the store's flatbed Ford off the pegboard, I snapped a leash on Snuggles and drug her fat butt out the door.
On the way to the vet's, Snuggles tried to lay her head on my lap. I managed to fend her off, though I very nearly rear ended a VW bus in the process. 
Then, right as I turned into the lot at the vet's office, Snuggles sneezed and blew snot all over the right side of my face as well as the driver’s window.
Cursing, I reached for a stained Taco Bell napkin on the dash. The lone napkin did little more than smear the mucus, so I searched for something else to clean my cheek while Snuggles looked on with smug satisfaction. When I leaned across to open the glove box, the foul beast mistook the gesture to mean I wanted a kiss. Planting her wide tongue to my cheek, she left a string of dog slobber dripping off my ear.
Cussing once again, I wiped the slime off with the back of my hand and headed inside.  
Behind the receptionist desk sat a stunning young woman in her early twenties.  
“Snuggles!” She beamed when we walked in. The girl walked out from behind the counter and bent down to pat the dog's head.
Sucking in my stomach, I swelled my chest and proudly said, “She's a good dog.”
“She sure is,” the girl cooed. Then she looked up at me and frowned. Pointing with a cute, manicured fingernail the receptionist said, “You got something on your eyebrow.”
Reaching up, I grabbed a gooey wad of green bulldog snot.
So much for making a favorable impression.
The girl led me and Snuggles back to a waiting room where she left us alone.
Up until then, I'd assumed bulldog semen came in little vials. I assumed they kept it frozen and had a machine that heated it up to the right temperature when needed. I assumed the procedure involved something resembling a turkey baster.
Two out of three of my assumptions proved to be flat-ass wrong.
Dr. Croft came in after only a few minutes and the truth didn't dawn on me even as she bent to lift the bulldog that had followed her into the room.
I watched as the doctor, an attractive woman in her forties, reached beneath the male bulldog, snapped what looked like a sandwich bag around his privates, and began the collection process. 
Like a fan at Wimbledon, my head went back and forth as Dr. Croft established a steady rhythm. 
Blood rushed to my cheeks when she looked me in the eye and said, “So you work for Doyle? That must be interesting.”
I might have managed a nod as she continued to stroke Brutus. Beside me, Snuggles ignored the poochie porn show.
There I was, a teenage boy, trapped in a tiny room, and forced to bear witness as an attractive and secure middle-aged woman jacked off a very well-endowed beast. Most would describe that as interesting. 
Not me.
I found it mortifying.
Puberty had hit me like a two-ton rock so I had both an active, fantasy-filled imagination and a strong libido, but none of my daydreams had ever starred the canine equivalent of Ron Jeremy. Though I was pretty sure that a few of my nightmares were about to. And yet, I couldn't look away. 
Grimacing, I watched the piston like movement with held breath and tensed jaws. When the big moment arrived, I actually flinched. Brutus shuddered once, before casually looking over his shoulder as if challenging me to do better. Right about then, I felt about as confident as a major league batter swinging a toothpick.
The only part of the act I'd envisioned correctly was the turkey baster. When the whole sordid event was finished I'm not sure who felt more violated, me or Snuggles.
On the way out I didn't even slow down. No way did I want to even chance making eye-contact with that pretty receptionist.
Back at the feedstore, Doyle had a huge, shit-eating grin plastered on his face when I slinked in.
“You could have warned me,” I said.
“I could've,” he nodded, “but that wouldn't have been nearly as much fun.” Doyle laughed, before adding, “Heard you turned redder than Brutus's dipstick.”
“What did you want me to do? Cheer the vet on? Offer to lend a hand?”
He shrugged. “You could have volunteered to go next.”
“That would have gone over well.”
Doyle served up a lop-sided grin and shrugged. “Worked for me.”
Gape-mouthed, I stared.
“Sometimes all you've got to do is ask,” Doyle said with a wink and an evil chuckle.
Who knows whether Doyle was telling the truth or just jerking my chain, so to speak, but he did teach me a valuable lesson; Until you're brave enough to ask the question, you'll never hear a yes.
I could tell you that the whole bulldog experience gave me the confidence to march right up to Samantha Blake and ask her out. Yeah, I could tell you that, but it'd be a lie. Truth is it took many more lessons. Some painful, some criminal, and some downright immoral before I emerged from the feedstore a wizened member of the male species.
Perhaps I would have found love and a good woman to share my life with even without Doyle’s depraved guidance. Perhaps, I would have sailed through my teen years and into adulthood unscathed and equally as prepared to face the world. Perhaps, but it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun.


Angie Ledbetter said...

Oh lordy. Doyle's gonna be one happy camper when he gets a signed copy!

Couldn't quit reading...even though I wanted to. :D

Word Ver = "asick"

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I must tell you, Travis, in all honesty, I'm convinced that this will be your first published book. It is laugh-out-loud funny and extremely well written. What a vivid portrait you paint of everyone involved, including yourself!

Old Kitty said...

Oh my goodness. Poor Snuggles. Seriously - all I kept thinking was poor Snuggles.


Seriously though, I thoroughly enjoyed this snapshot of In a Perfect World. I loved the voice that held the piece together, I loved how the characters (canine and otherwise) jumped off the page as real - too real! Doyle was borderline unredeemable! I loved the dialogue and the fast paced narration.

Oh and poor Snuggles - bless her.

Well done you! And thank you so much for sharing!

Take care

Steve said...

Good news and bad news...

First the good news: Your sample of "The Feedstore Chronicles" brilliantly lit up the movie screen in my mind.

The bad: Your sample of "The Feedstore Chronicles" brilliantly lit up the movie screen in my mind...and that image just might stick there...haha...well written!

Cloudia said...

you're rollin!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Reb said...

Well done! I was laughing so hard (still am), I am sure my neighbours think I am crazy.

Charles Gramlich said...

dude, I was eating. egads man, you certainly helped me 'visualize" this one.

Anonymous said...

Travis' Wife:
The most funny thing about this is the ad at the end for bulldog breeders that's funny.

dee said...

This is coming along nicely and much more polished from the last version I read...of course it will be your first published book since you already have a publisher hounding you for it!!

G. B. Miller said...

Gross, but a highly enjoyable read. Can't wait to see it in print.

DrillerAA09 said...

That's life! I think all of us have at least one Doyle in it. Great Story.

the walking man said...

I will never be able to:

A) Ask my veterinarian about the veracity of this method of sperm collection

B) Look at her without wondering how many dogs she has "hand"led

Oh yeah...I liked it a lot, pulled me right in and read very well. Especially liked how you telegraphed the vet experience with snuggles snotting all over you. hahahahahahahahaha

alex keto said...

Why not make this the first six pages and then go forward with the original opening?

Kath Calarco said...

One word: Hilarious!


I liked this very much...great read.

Jillian said...

I do have to say that it is very funny. I am not so sure how I felt when reading it, but then again I have never been one for sexual humor hahaha. Even so it was a very captivating read and you certainly do have talent.

Good luck!!!!

Unknown said...

I don't know what the hell those editors are talking about. Finish it and I'll pay you for a copy, Published or not!


DrillerAA09 said...

One of the most entertaining reads in months. Well done!

David Cranmer said...

Amusing passages with descriptive characters. I'd have to read more but what you have here has all kinds of potential to be published.

jerseygirl89 said...

Now I'm going to have nightmares about bulldogs.

Which can only be prevented if you share more of The Feedstore Chronicles - I loved it.

Anonymous said...

travis...this is toby (or Austin)..and i think the book will be awsome,just from reading those few lines..cant wait till the release on sat