Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pappa Bear

Father's Day is fast approaching.

I feel somewhat obligated to point this fact out since Dad's Day doesn't garner to same hoopla or media push as Mother's Day. Of sure we get a few sales in our honor. On things like lawnmowers, power tools, and rototillers. Things to make us do more work.

Why don't they slash the price of vacuum cleaners and washing machines for Mother's Day?

I'll tell you why. Because women would get pissed if we bought them those things. No we get force fed jewelry commercials and spa packages.

Here at the post office mail picks up in the days preceding Mother's day. Thick pink and other pastel colored envelopes color the mail as sons and daughters mail off profession of their maternal love and thanks.There is no spike in mail for Father's Day.

I'm not bitter, or even fishing for a father's day present myself. Just stating the obvious.

Actually this year I am giving my wife a present. Two days of rest and relaxation as me and my boys are headed camping for the weekend. Hopefully the fish will be biting and the temps will not get to high above 100.


I would like to thank to two particular father who had absolutely nothing with my own entry into this world.

Charles Posey and Charles Gramlich both showed my e-book Whispers some love in recent blog posts and I thank them for helping spread the word.

Should you wish to pick up your own copy of Whispers you can do so here or here for the low sum of 99 cents.


And speaking of Dad's, the main character in Christopher Moore's novel A Dirty Job is a hilarious one.

I'm a big fan of Moore's brand of quirky macabre humor and A Dirty Job novel only added to my fandom.

From Bookmarks Magazine

It's certainly original. Even the harshest critic can't begrudge Christopher Moore his vivid imagination, satirical plots, and humor. Like a good sleight-of-hand artist, Moore builds up a huge reserve of goodwill to pull off his most demanding trick yet: laughing at death.

So you getting your dear old pop's anything exciting. Might I suggest a book or three? There is always a starving author  out there ready to share a good tale.

Read A Dirty Job? What did you think?


Lissa! said...

I love all christopher Moore, but 'A Dirty Job' was my favorite (like Bear)!!

It's true that Mother's have better spin.....we have better lobbyists!! :]]

Old Kitty said...

Socks. Dads like socks, don't they? :-)

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Take care

Cloudia said...

Happy day - PoPS! :)

Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral




Wendy said...

I think I might be mowing the lawn for father's day. Is that a good father's day present??

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Enjoy the fishing weekend with your boys!

the walking man said...

90% of the way through W&P almost done "it is in the quay" (he whispers)but I must find out what happens to Natasha and Pierre first.

The first fathers day when my oldest left home I got a wonderful gift from him...a collect call to tell me he needed a few bucks to get him through the month.

Charles Gramlich said...

Have fun. Hope you guys catch a lot of fish. I'll be having sushi for father's day.

March2theSea said...

fathers day is also the day that the most "collect" calls are done.

WordVixen said...

Hey, I got my dad a Father's Day card! I just forgot to mail it. :-/ Guess I'm hauling it along with me this weekend!

And don't cry- business will pick up soon. My brother just moved himself and his family down to Texas, so we'll be mailing packages rather often.

Phats said...

Happy Father's Day!! Hope you are spoiled rotten with tons and tons of meat haha :)

David Cranmer said...

Belated Happy Father's Day, Travis.

Jerry said...

Just about the greatest mistake I made in my eleven years of marriage was getting my wife a Leaf Blower a few years back. I figured since she enjoyed yard work that.....