Monday, May 27, 2013

The Real and The Imagined

It's Memorial Day. A day to think of those we have lost especially during military action. I'm fortunate in that I've never known anyone who dies while serving our country, but I admire all of those who honorably serve just the same.

The last twelve months or so have been tough in that I have lost many friends and family members. Of those many were unexpected untimely deaths. So today I am thinking about all of them.


Moving on. I had an odd dream last night. I dreamt I was writing a new novel with a professional wrestler as a character so for the sake of research I decided to wrestle a few matches to get a feel of what it is like. But the other wrestlers didn't like me, a writer sliding in to steal their limelight so while I was wrestling another guy one fella snuck upo behind me and whacked me upside the head with a folding chair.

It ticked me off so I grabbed the guy and started slamming him against a cinder block wall in rather violent fashion. In my nocturnal illusion it took a good dozen people to pull me off of him.

But the best part of the dream was the video of the event became a Youtube sensation.


And the next thing I know a big NY publishing house is offering my  a huge contract for the book with the wrestling character.

Yeah, not too likely to come true. Never mind the fact I don't think New York editors spend a great deal of time perusing wrestling videos on Youtube ... I also have no work in progress with a wrestling character.

I am working on a story with a character whose job title is ... Semen Collector. Dang glad I didn't dream that one. I'd hate to see that YouTube video.


Speaking of YouTube videos and Memorial Day ... one of the friends I lost was AJ Swope. I've talked about him a good bit on here but he helped me a great deal with the writing of Twisted Roads and I hate that he never got to read the complete book. Anyway someone created this tribute video to honor his life and music. Give it a look ...



Charles Gramlich said...

Well, they might let you in the ring, man. Maybe worth a try!

Old Kitty said...

You have wrestling dreams too? Mine normally involves a lot of mud. And chocolate. Ahem.

ANYWAY! Aww have a peaceful Memorial Day. Lovely tribute to your friend too - what a talented man. I'm so sorry. Take care

the walking man said...

6'5" get your mask on!

DrillerAA09 said...

6'-5", a mask, silver tights and a blue cape, you'd be legendary in Mexico. I think this character is starting to come together.

Unknown said...

I've been waiting for the semen collector story!!! What I read was SOOO funny! Please let this be you're next book release... ahem, no pun intended... carry on...

David Cranmer said...

Enjoyed the music, Travis. Oh, and stay out of the ring!

Phats said...

Your wrestling name could be lettuce devil haha

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