Thursday, July 12, 2007

Shotgun City

This post is gonna be a bit all over the place.

I haven't posted any of my recent reads so here they are. I'll post links for each of them over on the right in case you want to find out more about the titles. As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner, A Patchwork Planet by Anne Tyler, Faking It by Jennifer Crusie, and Open House by Elizabeth Berg.

So tomorrow is my big Infrared test. I'm not worried about the written part, since I've always been a really good test taker. All my life I've had a knack for scoring way beyond my actual knowledge level when it comes to tests. At most postal technical classes the test is open book but not this one. The hands on practical test is interesting. The instructor has already told us he has placed several items in a box that will be covered by a sheet of black plastic and we will have to set up the camera correctly so we can see inside the box and tell him what the items are.

He's already clued us in that one of the items is a candy bar but he expects us to tell him which brand. My question is what the hell does this have to do with my job? Trust me folks there are not candy bars laying around inside the mail sorting machines. If there were I'd eat them regardless id they were Snickers bars or Baby Ruths. And I have never needed a twenty-five thousand dollar camera to find candy.

All of a sudden I'm big in Bulgaria. (After that crack the other day about their women's weight lifting team.) I've had nearly a dozen hits from the country since then so if any of you spot a gaggle of big hairy women headed my way A warning would be in order.

My wife went to see the latest Harry Potter movie tonight without me. I'm sad because I know her and as soon as I talk to her she'll start telling me all about it and I much prefer to be surprised. But I love her (quirks and all) and I'll eventually see the movie just the same.

I may or may not post tomorrow and Saturday. And just a heads up. The Feedstore Chronicles will again be late Sunday and I'm cheating this week. The story I plan isn't technically a feedstore story but it's my blog and they are related in a significant way. The comments seem to have picked up since I announced the contest a couple of posts back, and just for the record emails don't count. We are all friends here so don't be shy post for all to see. And no I won't give hints to the prize, but like I said the monetary value is pretty low.


Reid said...

Glad to see you're big in Belarus. Roughly ten million people live there, and their primary crop is potatoes.

Hey, you said to be informative.

Anonymous said...

Potatoes, Reid? Hmmm...And informative. Okay here you go. Here is a tangent on a comment. The best way to make baked potatoes is to wash it down, scrub the nasties off of it and then coat it in sea salt, wrap it in tin foil and throw it in the oven at around 350 for 4 hours.

Once soft to the squeezing, of course this would be with an oven mitt on, you pull it out and immediately cut three peg size holes into the top and insert long slices of butter. Wrap pot. back in foil and place back in oven to keep warm until rest of dinner is ready to be served.

There...How's that. And yes, I am glad to hear you are big in Belarus too!

Yours in words,


jayme with a y said...

Do you get to eat the candy bar if you guess correctly?

As for information I have a bit of trivia. The candy bar Baby Ruth was not named after Babe Ruth but after President Cleveland's newborn daughter which he conceived with his 21 year old wife. The baby's name was Ruth and the nation was crazy about a baby in the White House and thus called her Baby Ruth.


Travis Erwin said...

Y'all are an informative bunch.

Anonymous said...

You guys are smart.

I will not tell anything about the movie except the part about...and then when they run up the... and at the end when...

I get to go again when travis goes to see the movie.

After these comments I cannot even remember what the rest of the post was about.

alex keto said...

This from Wikpedia

"It is a widely believed urban legend that the candy bar Baby Ruth is named after Cleveland's daughter Ruth, but that is in fact not true, because his daughter died of diphtheria in 1904, which was well over seventeen years before the candy bar was created."

So this leaves open these critical questions: just what the hell are Baby Ruth candy bars named after? Or for that matter, was there really a Mr. Snickers who created that candy bar.

Travis, I'd say you ought to get on these issues immediately and clear them up since you opened this can of worms to start with.