Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm Your Huckleberry

Sorry for the late post but I got sidetracked walking by the Postal Lounge. It was karaoke night and no I did not sing. I had a few Shiner Bocks but not near enough to make me sing. I did take a water aerobics class to counter balance the beer.

I wanted to show y'all what I'm doing in this class but the picture did not come out very good since I had to take the pics with the infrared camera and then take another pic of the display screen with my cellphone. Only about half of the details and various colors came through but here they are. these are the same pic from two different palette choices.

Freaky huh? The pictures of yours truly were taken by my trusty lab partner Brent, from Maryland, who I talked into trying Shiner Bock down in the lounge tonight. He looks almost exactly like Kurt Russell when he played Wyatt Earp In Tombstone, moustache and all.

And just for the record, the contest winner will not receive an unexpected visit from Earl. I like you guys and I would never subject you to Earl. What do y'all think doesn't that second pic make me look like the long lost love child of Jerry Garcia?


Anissa said...

I'm diggin the psychedelic look!

Reid said...

The second pic makes me feel like I'm in that peyote scene from Natural Born Killers.

Anonymous said...

Long lost love child of Jerry Garcia? More like the long lost love child of Ben and Jerry...

Thanks for the birthday poem, means the world to me and definitely tops my list of best gifts ever.

I am way more into the thoughtful gifts and the ones people make or think of themselves than the store bought and you just really hit home tonight.



jayme with a y said...

OK,I'm all caught up on the Blog.

Now we can yuck it up for hours on the company nickel.

Beth said...

That is freaky!
I love karoke bars. I rarely sing, but always enjoy watching everyone else on stage.

alternatefish said...

you know any piece of writing that begins "I got sidetracked walking by the Postal Lounge" is going to be good. :P

and wait, you aren't the love child of Jerry Garcia? now I'm confused...

Anonymous said...

I think that second picture is from "Predators" and you look like some alien's wall-mount-to-be. Karoke? I'm there. When Lissa & I have enough drinks, we don't even care what we sound like because we have way too much fun. However, when my daughter, Misty sings, everyone does the E.F. Hutton and stops to listen, especially when she sings Patsy Cline's "Crazy."

Travis Erwin said...

Anissa - I'm thinking of dying my goatee that color for real. Yeah right.

Reid - The peyote scene from Young Guns is crazy as well

Bluefingers - Are you saying I'm more like Chunky Garcia? And be carfeul about calling what I psoted on your myspace as actual poetry. It's kind of like calling Weird Al Yankovic a good songwriter.

Brad _ i'm glad to see you commenting. Don't be a stranger throw your two cents in the hat more often.

Beth - i'm like you. I never sing but my wife will if she's had enough to drink and she is actaully very good.

Alternate Fish - Shh don't let the secret out

Debbie - You know now I'm gonna want to see you and Lisa in ation jsut as soon as I get back in town. We''l get Jennifer to sing and make y'all a trio. She does a pretty good Patsy line herself. And tell Misty hi. She should chime in here at the blog.

Brooke said...

Very cool! When I was in college my roommate was a photography major and I was often her subject. She did some kind of infrared body heat thing and she made me run around a track about fifty times so that I would be hot enough. Only one of the many times she tried to kill me for the sake of her art.

Anonymous said...

That picture is quite...I really can not think of a word. Strange. You look more like the teddie bear than Jerry. Now I have songs in my head. Lissa and Debbie singing Karoke I'm in. We need some margaritas at Alcapocos (man the spelling on here) first. If some one invents spell check on here I will kiss them on the mouth.

Anonymous said...

I have more to say...I know I know imagine that. Was wyatt tall? I have been looking for a tall Curt R. You know how I like my men.

Upon further inspection of the picture why is one side of the goat hotter than the other?

Val looked bad in that movie..but a sexy bad. Nothing like a good gun slinger to make your heart thump.

Ok I think I am done.