Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thank You

Today is a big day. I'm embarking on a promo blitz in the hopes of getting my Amazon ranking high for TWISTED ROADS to help increase sales beyond my normal circle of readers and friends.

So if you'd like to help and planned on buying the book and can do so anytime today that would be great but you can also help by tweeting, facebooking, pinteresting any of the following links.

My guest post today at Women's Fiction Writer's.

The Twisted Party over at Facebook.

The Amazon link

Twisted Roads page at pinterest.

And of course good old fashioned word of mouth helps too.

Thanks for the support.


Unknown said...

Had a lot of fun with this Travis!

Phats said...

Good Luck!!

Jan Mader said...

I will be your biggest supporter! Going to purchase right now.

Although I've been a successful children's author for years, I too have embarked on a new journey.

I have a website for children based on my horse. No publisher this time. I'm doing it on my own. Please visit me at www.tangoandtilly.com

Lauren said...

So, back in the day, a few years ago, I used to visit your blog quite a bit. I am so happy to see how well you and your book are doing! Congrats :)

Dawn Anon said...

Oh my gosh! I came back to blogspot JUST in time! So glad to see you have another book out. Congrats!

MandyB said...

Happy accident to find you on Twitter. I'm embarking on a new WIP - Texan cowgirl romance. Might be quizzing you for Texan sayings!

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