Monday, April 15, 2019

Let's Help One Another

Now that I am a full-time writer my routine is a bit different. used to be I stole time to write. I carried a notebook and wrote by hand in starts and stops. At work, int he park waiting for my son's soccer practice to end, in a variety of doctor and dentist waiting rooms. Then I'd type it all up first chance I had and add more.

At least that is how I did it for fiction. Freelance work was a bit more linear as I'd do the required research and then write the article up usually in one fell swoop.

Over the years my body of creative work has piled up. In addition to the published works and sold stories and articles I have numerous works both finished and incomplete. The toughest thing these days is staying on one project because I often feel like a have the voices of a thousand character whispering in my ear. Characters and projects actually.

And then there is the hunt for new and continued freelance work, because as a full-time writer I can't rely on royalties for books past or the far off splash of future royalties. I know Mr. King and Ms. Rowling do not share this financial problem, but I'd be willing to bet they have to fight off the siren call of other projects in order to finish one.

The ability to finish books separates the professional from the hobbyist much more than talent. I have known some incredibly gifted writers who never once finished a novel.

I say all of this to motivate some, and remind others. Including myself. Finish the damn thing already!


In other, slightly related news, I have started a new blog focused entirely on music. Most content is brand new and what is not has been backdated (some old material from this blog as well as a few of the articles I wrote for other media outlets). Come check it out The Feels.

My goal with this blog multifaceted. I am a passionate and prolific listener of music. Well-written emotional lyrics speak to me far louder than a catchy beat or a flashy exterior. I am not bound to any one genre but I do lean to the Americana, Folk, Singer/Songwriter side of things. A traditional country song is hard to find these days, but I do love a good two-stepping tune if it has heart. Rock, the occasional rap, zydeco, jazz, EDM, Funk, even POP if it has substance. I am picky but not particular so sharing what I feel are worthy songs is something I am compelled to do.

I have been fortunate enough to dabble in some lyric writing with some really talented musicians and I have a notebook full of lyrics that are just waiting for my burgeoning guitar skills to catch up to. I have no desire to sing, but the emotional impact and complete storytelling in a three or four minute window calls to my writer's soul. Sometimes I have a feeling to express that feels wrong for a novel or even short story. So this blog is also to keep my ingrained in the music community.

And last but not least, I hope this blog will bolster my writing income. I am currently writing for another music blog here in LA and they are part of a network that allows them early access to songs. Independent and those on labels. This opportunity comes with some financial gain and I would like to focus my reviews and listens to music that speaks to me, but only a select number of blogs are approved. To get there I need my Alexa ranking to increase as well as my Spotify followers to grow. I would appreciate any help y'all can give me with that by sharing this link on your blogs, websites, or social media.  

And you can help by giving me a follow on Spotify. There are playlists for most of my books so for those of you that have read them you might find those especially interesting.



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