Friday, August 24, 2007

On the Road

Live! From Albuquerque it's Friday night!

Okay a few months back at stayed at the $189 a night Hilton of Americas and Omaha Super 8's (that is code for Paris Hilton for those new to the blog - click the link to read more) kinfolk charged me ten bucks a day for wireless internet, and now here I am at the fifty buck a night EconoLodge in Albuquerque's Old Town and I'm bringing this post courtesy of their FREE wireless internet.

Random observations from my whirlwind mini vacation.

Honey covered sopapillas and big hairy goatees DO NOT go well together!

What the heck is a safety corridor? there we were clipping along in the middle of no where and there is a sign that says Entering Safety Corridor- All traffic fines double. Is this just a ploy to rake in cash from us speeders of the world?

My wife is convinced that at any second I am going to kill us in a fiery crash. She constantly grabs what we call the Oh shit! handle and gasps when I merge, change lanes, turn a corner. Did I mention this drives me NUTS?

What we did today. Shopping in old town. (My wife has a turquoise and silver jewelry fetish)
Ate some very good Mexican food outside in a courtyard of a three hundred year old adobe structure. Heard a bit of a mariachi band concert. Ate some Pinon nut caramel apples. Swam. Did I mention the jewelry shopping?

Tomorrow, the zoo, aquarium, botanical gardens, and if I know my wife more jewelry shopping.

Pictures later.


Duck said...

Ooh, first comment? Anyway, I don't get the whole, "You're spending a ton to stay here for the night, so we won't give you any amenities for free" concept that Hilton's got going on. I stayed at one a while back and I was surprised they didn't charge us to go in the pool...

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jenn and I have the same problem with you... Your driving.

Tell Jenn to buy herself a good sized necklace so she has something extra to hang herself by when that fiery crash happens..

Oh, and I agree with your opinion on Hotels... Sucks, eh?



Chunks said...

The safety corridor, could it be road crews working? I know here, the speed fines are double in a construction zone, so maybe it's similar.

I'm a fellow "Holy Shit Handle-Grabber." I'm also a "Where's The Brakes Foot Stomper" too!

Travis Erwin said...

I'm an excellent driver.

WordVixen said...

Ok, what is it about the words "300 year old structure" that gets me all excited? I want a post on that! (the structure, not me getting excited about it).

Katrina said...

New Mexico has always had some interesting concepts. Yes I'm sure the safety zone thing is for monetary gain--that's normal for New Mexico!

When we buy a new vehicle I always look to make sure it has grab bars--very important piece of equipment! Going to Arizona a few years ago we were driving along when a car passed us doing over 100mph with policemen chasing it. The next thing we knew the car went through a barb wire fence and off into the desert with policemen in hot pursuit. We thought maybe we were going to be in a movie but it actually was a police chase.

Aaron said...

Let me count the ways I love my Sarah:
#1: She doesn't grab the Oh Shit! handle, whimper, or otherwise make comments about my driving. In fact, she often enjoys how I relentlessly speed through the NC mountain roads. Now the motorcycle, that's a different story... :D