Saturday, August 25, 2007

Taking one for the team

Hilton -- $189 a night
EconoLodege -- $54 a night
Hilton -- $10 a day internet
EconoLodge -- Free internet

So what does the Hilton have that EconoLodge doesn't? Several things, but for this post I'll focus on one. MUCH THICKER WALLS.

Last night me, my wife, our two boys 4 and 6, and a 13 year old girl who is some friends of ours daughter stayed in room 220. An ex-cheerleader with singing ambitions occupied room 219.

You know that song Rehab by Amy Winehouse the one where she sings No, No, No over and over? Well the gal in room 219 had the lyrics all wrong. She sang Yes, Yes, Yes for half the night and let me be the first to say Simon Cowell would never let her go to Hollywood because she struggled to hold a key and sometimes she sang louder other times it almost sounded like a moan.

And then she would fall back into her cheerleader routine. Urge the crowd to give her a ... I never caught that last word but it sounded something like rock.

And then finally after a good bit of singing and crowd motivation, she turned her attention to urging the team on, and BOY you should have heard her when the team scored. Guess it was some kind of cheerleading flashback. I mean what else could it have been?


Skiingred said...

Oops...sorry didn't mean to bother anyone in the next room - I was just practicing my audition! ;p

Don't you just love the people who stay in hotels and think they are the ONLY ones there, and they can, like, trash the whole place and make noises because they don't have to clean it up. Ugh!

Angie said...

LOL! Yeah, there are times when thick walls are definitely worth the extra $$/night. :D

And it's funny (in an annoying, eyerolling, wanna choke something way) how the most expensive hotels always want to charge you for internet ($10/day seems about average) while the little cheap motels squatting by the side of the highway have free wireless. [eyeroll]

You see the same sort of weirdness when you're cruising, too. (Maybe it's the hospitality industry in general?) Carnival, the cheapest of the major cruise lines and pretty much the "budget" choice of the lot, gives you a wide selection of free drinks 24/7; the only things you pay extra for are carbonated drinks and alcohol. My husband and I started sailing with Princess (nowhere near the top but definitely upscale compared with Carnival) a couple of years ago, and it's really annoying that when we're paying a couple thousand extra for a cruise compared with what Carnival would charge for the same thing, they're holding out their hand for an extra two or three dollars whenever I want a hot chocolate or a glass of apple juice. WTF? :/ It sounds like a few people in Marketing are working for the wrong companies, seriously.

Hope you're having a good time anyway. :)


cher said...


hey, that would work for the Tuesday post name contest too. Funny thing was, before i even read this post, i had already decided to type that. weird. hahaha. ok, that's not true.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I have noticed this too. We recently stayed in Red Roof Inns (2) of them on our trip. I usually don't go this cheap but it was all I could find on such late notice. It SUCKED and you still had to pay for wireles. I personally like the Mariott chain... nice and moderate which is how I like most things in my life.

Anonymous said...


I second that "Give me an O!!!"



Okay.. for the kids who read this I will stop.


Thanks for the early morning romp through your blog.


jjdebenedictis said...

The couple who used to live above our apartment was very vocal.

When they were cheerleading.

They also apparently cared about the state of their knees, because we could tell by the squeaking springs and the headboard thumping against the wall that they were doing their routines on the impact-absorbing surface of the bed.

Cheerleading must be wonderful for cardiovascular endurance. That couple had excellent stamina.

Chunks said...

Oh my!

This was a funny post!

Tracy said...

ROFL!! Oh man. That's such an awful situation to be in - and especially with young children. I would have freaked out.

Yes, a singing cheerleader. That had to be it. LOL.

Bubblewench said...

Damn! You just gave me some good ideas for when I get Hubbyman home... Thanks!