Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Town Monday -- REVAMPED

I meant to get a My Town Monday post this week but once again failed. I wonder now how for a year and a half I wrote a MTM nearly every single week as well as posted links to all the other participants. I'm not sure what happened in my life that I no longer have the time to commit to the weekly feature, but I was both pleased and grateful when Clair Dickson took over and kept My Town Monday's alive, even starting a blog dedicated to the MTM posts. She along with help from Barrie Summy has done a tremendous job.

But lately I have gotten the itch to blog more about the area I call home ... The Texas Panhandle. And Clair is expecting her first child in June, so after talking things over with both Clair and Barrie we settled upon a new idea. Instead of one person to host and post links why not have four. One for each Monday of the month.

Barrie has volunteered to do the 3rd Monday of each month. I think Clair should do the first Monday of every month. I'll take the second. So I guess now what I am asking for is a volunteer to commit to hosting and posting links to the other participants on the fourth Monday of every month. Any takers?

And yeah I know some months have five Mondays. We'll work those days out somehow and if need be I'll d those along with the 2nd.

If you have no idea what MTM are about here are some links.

The first ever My Town Monday post.

The 25th MTM post and one that includes an easy formula for you to jump in and participate.

My most recent MTM post.

Many of my regular blog readers first visited as a result of a link from one of the other participants so if you are looking to expand your readership hosting is a great way to do so. And I can't begin to tell you how many cool and interesting places and things to do I've discovered by reading the various posts from all over the globe, so if you haven't checked out the archives of MTM please do and if you think you would like to host a week please let me, Clair or Barrie know.


David Cranmer said...

I'm glad to see the MTMs are still rolling along. I'm certain you will find a fourth person to shoulder some of the lift and continue this great creation.

Barrie said...

I am so excited!! BTW, I think Clair should name her child Monday!!

grace said...

I totally cannot host, but I might actually do one for once!

(also, I remember the first MTM post... longtime listener, first-time caller what?)

Charles Gramlich said...

Monday monday. Uhm, that's all I know of that song. And then there's "set my sights on Monday and I got myself undressed."

Cloudia said...

Yep, MTM helped me into the blogosphere!

Aloha from Hawaii

Comfort Spiral

Old Kitty said...


Thank you for the link explaining MTM- as I was reading your piece I kept asking myself "What is MTM??" LOL!

Good luck with this - I will now go and have a gander at what this is all about.

Take care

the walking man said...

I am curious what you know about Amarillo from 1930 through 1938 and what happened on the day FDR arrived?

Lana Gramlich said...

Although I've not really had time for MTM myself for a while, it's nice to know that the tradition continues. :) Heck, these days I barely have time to keep up with my blog friends, somehow!

AvDB said...

I like this. I may have to play along one day. I don't think I saw Maryland on your list. Can't let the Chesapeake Bay slide by without representation.

aysegul said...

ohh my god a great post like a sun:Pp

cool boy :DDD

Clare2e said...

Call me crazy- I might do it! Two Cla(i)res are better than one, I've heard.